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started from the bottom

My heart for photography

For me, photography is documenting moments and feelings that you want to remember for a lifetime. I'm here to make sure your wedding day goes as smoothly as possible which is why I always go above & beyond to not only ensure the best photos, but also give you the best photogenic experience.

Your wedding images will become an heirloom and I take pride in making sure each detail and moment is captured with care. From the first time we meet to lining up your bridal party on the wedding day, I'm there not only as your storyteller, but as a friend.


How I started my business 

So it's actually a funny story; I launched Oak & Ivory back in 2017 before I had my first daughter because I wanted to capture every phase of her life and then my business took off from there! 

I merged my business with my friend in 2020 to work side by side in photography for several years since we had the same vision and loved working as part of a team! 

However since moving to Marion, IA to be with the love of my life I decided it was the right time to take this next step in my career and best way to serve my own family as we are blending our lives together. I cannot wait to see what the next 5+ years hold! 

The Assistant photographer

My ride or die in life & on your
wedding day

What started as me tossing Chevy a camera for fun at a destination wedding I was photographing turned into be his passion & newly discovered talent. To say I was impressed with his work (without training) is an understatement. His eye for detail and composition is something to be proud of as he naturally has an eye for wedding photography. 

When we show up on your wedding day you can rest assured that we make an incredible team together, in life and career. Chevy is a local business owner, but is committed to being my assistant to ensure consistent images from our brand and a memorable experience for our couples and their loved ones. 

my Littles

My reasons why

Meet Emery & Isla! My little mini me's! When I am not document a wedding or chasing your family around a field I am at home taking care of these beautiful little ladies and feel blessed to be their mama. Emery is in full time preschool and Isla is still kicking it at home with me as we are surviving the "terrible twos". 

my favorite things

A Peek Behind the Scenes

Jamaica, Colorado, North & South Carolina, Montana, and Massachusetts


Eating too much sushi, having a cocktail, splurging on a pair of shoes or drinking an iced coffee


My rock, my best friend, my ride or die, my love. He plays a huge part in making my dreams come true. 


We woud likely get along if...

  • You're drawn to neutrals & pastels, bright whites and clean lines
  • You gravitate towards the softness of natural light and outdoor locations
  • You're down to trek a little bit off the beaten path for amazing photos
  • Your wedding day's main focus is on the love you and your partner share
  • You're obsessed with details and appreciate seeing all of the sweet & tiny elements that go into a wedding day