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Liana Bushaw • September 5, 2023

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“What I thought was a couples mini session I planned, turned out to be a surprise proposal!”

Back in July while we were shooting a destination wedding in Colorado, Chevy planned a surprise proposal that completely took my breath away! I had previously asked my best friend, if she wouldn’t mind taking a couple of cute pics of us while we were there, but she had a lot going on with being the maid of honor in her sisters wedding. So I immediately booked a photographer out in CO for a mini session. When Chevy learned about this he reached out to the photographer and told her about his plan! A couple of weeks leading up to our trip, I had some suspicions that an engagement was in the near future. However, Chevy completely threw me way off to the point where I was actually pretty sad believing it was going to be for a while longer. Not to mention he didn’t bring a carry on bag on the flight, just a checked bag… who fly’s with an engagement ring in their checked luggage?! So I was 10000% positive he was NOT proposing anytime soon.

So when the time came I genuinely least expected it, he got down on one knee. The photographer had me hugging Chevy facing away from the camera so he could give her the signal. All of a sudden he steps away from me and I feel a pull on my arm as he drops to his knee. My heart immediately started racing and I was in pure shock! I went through a million different emotions as he expressed the most beautiful words. Finishing his proposal quoting the words to a song that is meaningful to us by Rufus Du Sol,
“I want you, I need you, I’m Yours”

I dropped to my knees and said a million times yes!!! I couldn’t even look at the ring until it was on my finger. This will forever be a moment we remember and are so thankful to have the images to show our kids and look back on.

I cannot believe that I found my best friend and soulmate at the start of 2023 and how beautifully our relationship has grown. From the wildest and best first date (where I surprised him by taking him to adult prom where he met my friends), the first time our kids met and instantly became best friends, all the traveling and adventures, staying up till 2 am most nights having deep and meaningful conversations, and blending our homes when I moved to Marion at the beginning of summer. We’ve gone through our own ups & downs throughout the last 7 months and continue to grow stronger and fall even deeper in love with each other. He is the perfect partner to me and most loving father to our children.

We are so excited to be planning our DREAM wedding for Fall 2024 and already have some of the best vendors to be part of our day.

Photos Captured by: Elizabeth A Photo

Edited by: Oak + Ivory Photo

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